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George Galloway voices support for a ‘united Ireland’

<> on February 3, 2014 in London, England.
George Galloway MP ahead of his speech on independence in Edinburgh

RESPECT MP George Galloway has said that he would support Northern Ireland’s exit from the UK as he believes in “united countries”.

The Scots-born MP for Bradford West was speaking at the Assembly Rooms ahead of an appearance in Edinburgh for the latest date in his Just Saw Naw speaking tour.

Saying he would welcome a united Ireland, Galloway said: “I don’t believe in breaking countries up as I think we have too many countries in the world, not too few.

“The Irish people were denied their right to unity and independence. The Scottish people never have been, and could have voted for independence at any time that they liked in the whole era of universal suffrage of nearly 100 years.”

Mr Galloway, who was expelled from Tony Blair’s Labour Party in 2003, was met in the Scottish capital by two rival protests.

These included representatives of the left-wing Radical Independence group, opposing the Union, and the right-wing Scottish Defence League, opposing Mr Galloway’s ties with religious minorities.

Local police kept the demonstrators apart while he spoke at the Assembly Rooms.

Mr Galloway declared his support for a united Ireland despite recently campaigning to convince Scots to vote against an independent Scotland in the referendum.

“People say that they want Scotland to have self-determination but they have self-determination, and always have, and will exercise that self-determination again in September.

“If it chooses to become independent then it will become independent, but I think it would rue the day.”

He added that he would prefer “a real Labour prime minister of the whole of Britain” but said he would “fancy being prime minister of Scotland” if it votes for independence on September 18.

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Nemesha Balasundaram

Nemesha Balasundaram is a Reporter with The Irish Post. Follow her on Twitter @nemeshaB

7 comments on “George Galloway voices support for a ‘united Ireland’”

  1. thomas fallon

    George Galloway is a very confused man he supports every country in the worlds rights to be free. but denys Scotlands right to be independent . A so called Republican who supports the loyalist unionist parties in the Scottish referendum the man can not see the irony of his own views

    • Ben

      How does he deny Scotland's right to be independant? He just doesn't believe in breaking the union. And loyalist union party? Sectarian bull

  2. Tony

    I like Galloway very much and agree with the most opinions. I can't though, get my head around his Scottish Independence stance. I assume he knows his history which makes it even more bizarre. Scotland was joined to the union first by royal marriage and then by political union, neither of which canvassed the Scottish people for their views. On the contrary, these events flew in the face of a populist, widely supported independent view of the Scottish people and in the midst of Scottish rebels dying to keep their country Independent. They never has self determination and any request for it was brutally put down over centuries by military force. The only reason they are getting a referendum now is because of a loophole in Tony Blair's devolution policy in the late 90's. Even by Blair's own words, this referendum wasn't supposed to happen. Also, given their unique culture, language and tradition, not to mention natural resources, they certainly wouldn't "rue the day".

  3. chabroon

    I think George could be right on this one i think with Scotland's largely Presbyterian population it could be just the trigger for another glorious revolution.

  4. Neilly71

    Tired of hearing about this publicity jumkie schizo, he discovered what people think of him when he stood for election to the Scottish parliament (which he constantly denigrates), not even sure he got his deposit back. This wee windbag says he is from a Catholic Irish background (I think on both counts the links would be tenuous) , i'd doubt that but as someone who is a Catholic, Celtic supporter with the obligatory Irish granny he does not speak for me. His attempts at bringing sectarianism into the Independence debate are disgusting. He tried to suggest the reason he wasnt allowed to use the council's halls in Edinburgh to promote his anti Independence tour (yup, this supoporter of a United Ireland really has tried to do an anti Independence tour of Scotland!) was some sotrt of masonic SNP conspiracy when in reality the councilis unionist controlled. He's a vile little cat impersonator.

  5. Walter Scott

    There would have to be something wrong with you if you didn't laugh at his photo. George has lost the plot & he's yesterday's nutjob


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